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Mental Notes …

Mental Notes

 Joining the conversation in mid stream….(I wrote this exactly one week ago which explains the date)

       Today is April 7, 2014 A.D. Hallelujah o to the Lamb of God and everything is bursting wit new life, me included my cup over floweth and I dare not quench the Holy Spirit and be passive another second. stuff to do like plan the church events and outreaches for the season in coming. Since I have initialized this place –, i have of course had to overcome the vortex in branding it a firebrand in all things relevant. No time like the present to indulge, divulge and share the dealings and goings on.

      My confession upfront, it seems that my friends on the FB have lost all faith in me with a like her or not at all. No offense, but whatever. Tears and jeers I’m all broken-hearted. However, the good news is that I’m still alive and have journeyed through the deluge of most recent reports – the good, the bad to the holies of Holies.

       Speaking of since, Jan 2014 and the most epic of winters to-date We say a good bye to the coldest winter ever – to make room for a glorious spring  and a new song to sing. Music is important and i would like to share a bit musciology with you in the coming posts, maybe even posts a few sound baths for your therapeutic listening pleasure and healthy development.

       On that note and staying relevant and true to the purpose of this page, as i declared from the beginning here we will discuss all things pathos to our world and society ALL NEWS WEATHER SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT beginning at Jerusalem because I am Pentecostal and have a tambourine to prove it. Okay well you didn’t see that one coming but i promise you in the end you will see that yes, tambourines too are very relevant and sorely under appreciated in our society.

         That said, Easter is only two weeks away ( now one week remember I wrote this journal about two weeks ago on the 7th of April), so how about some chocolate Bunny Rabbits and Easter eggs to go with that shake? Holy Ghost Pentecostal Jesus Christ Holy shake if your wondering.:)

Also things to come like… Fire By Night Sound Cloud By Day Audio News Segment.

       But even right now as we are praying the peace of Jerusalem in Jesus Christ holy name and the power of His resurrection, the world wants to know what happened to Malaysian Flight 370?

Any views and or prayers – please posts them here. We will discuss on the sound-cloud what exactly and how everyone is feeling about this perplexing event. could it be that the Rapture has already begun? I know a very sober topic to start things off but even still God is worthy so rent your heart. This would come under WORLD NEWS.

Also your views on My Space no I mean literally what have you done since you defected from My Space to Facebook? Do you visit often or have you completely abandoned ship? Do you ever wonder what happened to all your friends and the dude Tom? Has he defected to F.B. too like did he get a job there or what? For the life of me I can not remember my password? Just want to know you know it falls under ENTERTAINMENT.

Well, that is Breaking News in Mental Thoughts.

Just Posting


Jessica Mae Richardson

(Purged out this day April 14, 2014 A.D)


Dearest Reader

You! + spring in garden The prompt asked me what is on my mind; Spring has sprung! So, I am posting and saying so. Springtime and you! You and Spring time! What ever will you do now that Winter has sung it’s last song for a spell? Let’s sing a new song of spring and dance a new dance too – with new shoes on at that! Because, I know you got your tax return back, so no excuses! Go out and make your first splurge on you and the ones you love the most or even support a local spring time fund-rasier on the radio!

Just few ideas to get you out of the wintertime hues of blue.

You and Spring time. Spring Time and you.

Whatever and how ever will you spring forth into the new season? Share with me and I will tag you back. And again welcome to the world of Sincerely Jessica Mae Richardson. So glad you took the time to chime in and see what’s the goings on other than the FB (Facebook).
I said once and I will say it again, it is time to dance a new dance and sing a new song, don’t you think? Consider this the weather report.Hope you like the picture.

Jessica Mae Richardson.