Dearest Reader

You! + spring in garden The prompt asked me what is on my mind; Spring has sprung! So, I am posting and saying so. Springtime and you! You and Spring time! What ever will you do now that Winter has sung it’s last song for a spell? Let’s sing a new song of spring and dance a new dance too – with new shoes on at that! Because, I know you got your tax return back, so no excuses! Go out and make your first splurge on you and the ones you love the most or even support a local spring time fund-rasier on the radio!

Just few ideas to get you out of the wintertime hues of blue.

You and Spring time. Spring Time and you.

Whatever and how ever will you spring forth into the new season? Share with me and I will tag you back. And again welcome to the world of Sincerely Jessica Mae Richardson. So glad you took the time to chime in and see what’s the goings on other than the FB (Facebook).
I said once and I will say it again, it is time to dance a new dance and sing a new song, don’t you think? Consider this the weather report.Hope you like the picture.

Jessica Mae Richardson.


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