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In C minor Paying Tribute An Open Letter to a Great Woman of God.

A subject smorgasbord Top of the List Forget about it …I want to go to her memorial service. If you have to ask, it both shocked and shook me to the core that the great and incomparable I-Know-Why-The-Caged-Bird-Sings Award winning Author Maya Angelou has passed away translating at the ripe Biblical age of 86 years. But she was also known for her producing efforts as a renown  playwright, dancer, writer, actress, poet laureate, prayer warrior, director, producer of good works.  A zealous woman and believer in God.  Mother, aunt, grandmother and spiritual midwife to many in labor birthing into their own destinies. Selah.

      My heart’s desire! I want to go to her Memorial Service. Alright, I already said that! Peace. But just putting it out there. Any offers? I’ll buy gas with poetry for tribute! Amen and hallelujah to the Lamb of God and my tambourine. ImageImage

There is no agony
like bearing an untold story inside of you.”
~ Maya Angelou ~

      An Open Letter of Repentance to any and all who have ever known me.

       I confess I’ve ben that wicked and slothful servant concerning all maters of the <3.  And being a living witness to the greats of the great! We can all testify that Maya Angelou was in that number. Amen and Amen.  Not to make an idol out of her but rendering tribute to whom tribute is due, Selah. Her life and times is a living testament to what a black girl is capable of overcoming regardless to the time period and or circumstances.  She was born and overcame victimization of enemies of her own household molestation, segregation, prejudice, being flat-chested, the 60’s, the 70’s, the stalwart bureaucracy of the literary community. Trail-blazed a spiritual legacy of hope, courage and faith for many generations to come through her tenacity of character and unselfish plethora of wisdom streamed through her consciousness by the Great God above. Dr. Maya Angelou was a Christian. Selah.

      Our connection: I once had a room-mate that knick-named herself after her. Maya was her name. Also, a motion of discovery; I would study her writings and the wisdom therein circa latter 90’s and right at the turn of the century 2000 right when I was surviving my 20’s coming into a sobering 30’s period. She and I (her presence) would walk in the cool evening time location Prospect Park in Brooklyn. She had a heart for the Lord like me that was our connection initially.

     So I’m saying, I’m repentant now because who do I think I am to with hold from God all that He has poured into me the same as He has done for others, namely Maya.  Whom by faith was a great steward of the gifts of lyric and poetry and gave her voice to show how much she was a believer in God. Maya in my book was a living epistle / a flame of fire whom lived the Word of God out loud. Psalm 104.   

      Dr. Angelou as she insisted on being called and (not for nothing) her academic profile boast numerous degrees of merit through her credits of higher learning and literary accomplishments. according to our belief system is now seated and at rest amongst her own princes.  Her talents branded her a force to reckon with connected, merged and emerged a firebrand holding court relationship-wise with the likes of Presidents, diplomats and national ambassadors to media moguls sensations to regular, plain – folk everyday people as well.  Oprah looked up to her. Now that is high praise.  Her legacy shall serve as a great ensample and beacon of light for our generation and prayerfully many to come. 

     Dr. Maya  Angelou was a faithful 30 year member of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Winston-Salem where her Memorial Service will be held scheduled at 7:30 p.m. at 950 File Street. Maya Angelou was a Christian faithful unto death, her last and final literary work, a book entitled, “Mom and Me and Mom”  her seventh and complete memoir now available where most books are sold. Amen. 

P.S. The service is open to the public. An open invite to all whom would like to come and honor her life and memory.  

Reporting With Respect and Dignity,

Sincerely Jessica Mae.



Maya Angelou Circa 1928 A.D. to Circa 2014 A.D.

Maya Angelou Circa 1928 A.D. to Circa 2014 A.D.

Maya Angelou in her prime.