August winds of change. Selah! Part 1.

In a blink …

what’s news and how we need to pray …RE: Israel, Ebola and Hording our stuff. Is it really about forgiveness? Letting go can be both an art form and a discipline and what it looks like. But what I really feel lead to share about are our boundaries and having healthy ones a Sunday morning sermon in the making.

Candidly, It’s been too long the good news up front…even though back to school circulars are already timely tucked inside the jammed packed Sunday newspaper, don’t be deceived there is still a lot of summertime to be embraced which calls for stuff still to do with the family or even with your besties on a randomly blazing hot afternoon or cool summer’s eve.

List of things already recent history, present happenings to up-and-coming. Just so I can say, I told you so.

And speaking of besties….included herein are a special on-line gallery – photo opts (selfies to groupy events) and we mean that in the best possible light. (Amen.) Best story telling movies as reported by the poolside too.

Your girl Jmae #ladytambourine was on the scene at a few wonderful occasions that only confirmed what we suspected all along; that Columbus, Ohio has a lot of the best and is ripe for the picking attracting the best in prime time offerings galore in the worlds of beauty, fashion, art and wholesome family entertainment including opportunities for actual super stardom and State Fair food sample tastings. Namely, American Idol literally stopped in our neck of the woods to select the best in singing talents on location at the prestigious Capitol University in Bexley, Ohio. Then there was Tres’ Cosmetics, a brand new name rising star in the game of make-up and beauty. But no rookie when it comes to the selection process, when looking for that one great fresh face and personality to represent its new cosmetic and skin care line. The opportunity beckoned and I was fortunate enough to capture some behind the scenes action that would provoke even Ms. J’ from America’s Next Top Model to come back for one riveting round table discussion. We will start from here.

Your girl Jmae goes to press.
It’s a scroll roll and a half but worthy is the Lamb that was slain from the foundations of the World for our sins. Gotta say that because after all only what we do in Christ name is going to last.

Sincerely Jessica Mae Richardson
#ladytambourine (if you feel me.) Amen.


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