This week…

Back to school and the kitchen sink …sort to speak you know what I mean. Recounting my steps and reporting for the week that was August 17 – August 23, 2014 A.D. The highlights and the dizzy spells. Were there any dizzy spells? I suppose that would have to do with mental health.

Speaking of, we have to pay tribute and honor to one of the third that fell …eclipse Robin Williams the incomparable now late but shall always remain great in our memory of what he gave to us through the smiles and the laughter and the even the terror of the extremity of his characters he chose in the world of comedy and media. Oh Lord, why did He have to go the way he went?

They say he was suffering with depression. Depression. What the hell is that and how does it attack? This was a man whom was renown and seemingly accomplished which we see now one can be as such and still feel completely by themself the whole world loved him or what they knew of him. He had gained the whole world you know?

You already know and in case you don’t, I cant compromise the truth! Gonna get real gospel on you as it is written, “What doeth it profit a man to gain the whole world but loose his soul?” Matthew 16:26; St. Luke 9:25 This is scriptural. Like the riddle of the sphinx, no one knows. Or dares to say something like, but did he know Jesus?

I now dedicate this song “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera and Great Big World to his memory.

Mental Illness again is what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and on the table before us, the perfect lamb of God. So let us fall down and worship now in Spirit and in Truth. Beginning with the topic of depression ( not to make an idol out of it because it can become as one if we let it).

However, what has been deemed the highest in rank amongst various types of mental illnesses in the field of health and the medical communities according to the Center for Disease and Prevention. Let’s talk about it!

Sincerely Jessica Mae Richardson #Lady Tambourine. Amen.

rw5 rw6 rw2 rw4 rw9 rw8 robin williams morkDepression Statistics
•More than 1 out of 20 Americans 12 years of age and older reported current depression in 2005–2006.1
•The following figure presents the percentage of persons 12 years of age and older with depression by demographic characteristics (age, sex, race and Hispanic origin) based on NHANES data from 2005–2006.1

Percentage of persons 12 years of age and older with depression by demographic characteristics: United States, 2005-2006

[A text description of this chart is also available.]

Percentage of persons 12 years of age and older with depression by demographic characteristics: United States, 2005–2006.

1.Pratt LA, Brody DJ. Depression in the United States household population, 2005–2006. NCHS Data Brief. 2008(7):1–8.


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