Labor Day Weekend USA introducing Summerlogue 2014′ and following up…



Okay and we are off and running and where did we leave off at? Oh yes paying tribute to the life and time and unfortunate death of renown actor/humanitarian Robin Williams. Talk about counting stars and it is written “A third fell….” I want to say RIP but I don’t know if it is well…if it is so. I am a Christian and I am really gonna have to do some intense study on “suicide”. I’m interested in speaking the truth in love. #Amen.

     However, in that manner, we also raised the issue of depression opening up a very candid discussion on the topic of mental illness and what exactly is it?  Well, of course not to leave anyone hanging, I’ve been thinking and in my thinking, I come to observe that our thoughts are spiritual. They are deeds acted out or not loosed in our minds. So of course, I am on the hunt and have been for some time now in the subject matter of the mind and how ours work.

Also, I found out about a lot of organizations that can help in that regard if your thought life is not exactly up to par in terms of thinking bad things vs. good things and how to stop thinking out of order. Stay tune there is good news. Information logging at next posting.

But before get into all of that, it is Labor Day weekend coming up and that means the last of pool crashing and exactly what that is and back yard barbecues of which we definitely had our share of this summer.  With the exception of the pool crashing who says that any of that has to stop.  But at least we can take a moment pause and flashback to the summer that was via  a glimpse of our – I met you in the summer summerlogue/montage 2014.

Highlighting the best of the best –  the things that linked us personable level bringing us together like the best movie you saw and the worst the song of the summer in your opinion. I know for me it was One Republic “Counting Stars and not just because he plays a tambourine like #yours truly. Also there was the stuff that linked us together on a more local and personable level like the last day of summer camp and the first day of school. Man, that was fast – like lightening fast!   And who could discount visiting your Aunt Thelma after church on a Sunday afternoon ( stopped by to glean some of that Holy Ghost wisdom and fresh tomatoes out of her garden sitting waiting for you on the kitchen tables as if she was expecting you.

Well, on that note lets get started with that that I met you in the Summer summerloguing photo-montaging and what not whilest we fire up the grills one more time for the Labor Day Weekend USA. Hope you all have a great and safe time with your families and your neighborhoods.

Sincerely Jessica Mae Richardson #ladytambourine


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