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What inspired the series, “How to care for a loved one with mental illness. Amen.”

A list of books I found in the local library are listed here.

1. The Everything Health Guide To Schizophrenia – the latest information on treatment, medication and coping strategies. By Dean A. Haycock, PHD with Technical Review by Elias K. Shaya, MD.
2. Circles Around The Sun in Search of a Lost Brother By Molly McCloskey
3. A Balanced Life – 9 Strategies for Coping with the Mental Health Problems of a Loved One by Tom Smith
4. Midnight, Jesus and Me – Misfits memoirs of a Full Gospel, rock and Roll ate night Suicide Crisis Psychotherapist by J.M. Blaine
5. Loving Someone with Bi-Polar Disorder By Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston, PsD.

In my opinion, we are all a bit touched but my eldest brother suffered the lot of the mental illness known as Paranoid schizophrenia. Now I believe I understand, why it happened to us. My brother’s life. I made a vow that it would not be in vain. The suffering can not be for nothing. Less we trample the blood of Jesus under foot. This is the drink and the meat offering.

R.I.P. Prince Edward Richardson Circa June 13, 1963 – July 17, 2012 AD.

Series “How to care for a loved one with mental illness. Amen.