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How to care for a loved one with a mental illness. Part 2. Amen.

This scene, I talked about in one of my previous post.

How to care for a loved one with a mental illness. Part 2. Amen.


Degrees of Reality

The part about caring for the brothers in prison. This is not easy to carry such burdens I believe this is where a great deal of where my depression comes from. And caring for a loved one with mental illness, I appreciate this posting because I am walking through the storm with a loved one whom suffers even worst depression thann mine. She has children and is well things are in the courts but reading this blog is helping me to deal with her on a daily basis. Could this be what they call strength? Strength. That is it. I identify strength in reading this. There are different kinds of mental illnesses and with that personalities that carry it. Hers is the angry vengeful kind so I have to read the Bible as well to draw greater strength from the hidden manna in the Holy Scriptures. Sometimes I experience guile in her spirit and serpent activity and that is where I have to be strong in the power of the Lord’s might and cast the demons out of her with a loud and authoritative voice but in love.


Growing up, my father was abusive and my mother neglectful. Both suffer from mental illness, which has had a profound impact on my life and the lives of my siblings. My father had two loves in his life: himself and his money. He was extremely prideful, and a skilled actor when it came to maintaining appearances. We never knew what would send him into a fit of rage, and he was always sure to make it known that each of us were worthless nothings that he had to waste his money feeding and providing shelter. My mother was suicidal, and often in and out of mental health institutions. My father had this warped view of himself, that he was Job from the bible. That was his reality. The story goes that Job was so faithful, that God allowed Satan to test his faith by taking away every blessing from his…

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