A Beautiful Mind

We have dwelt in dark places for so long in the matter of depression, (which can kill a person). The study of it is like a volumious black hole that can have tentacles reaching into one’s soul. Scary stuff to be sucked into and nothing to play with at all.

Then I heard a still small voice cry out to me, “Jessica, walk in the light and ye shall be in the light.” I believe that voice is Jesus. Selah! and Amen!

The above movie posting is from the critically acclaimed block buster, “A Beautiful Mind.”

I pray that is well with your souls. Know this – that the Lord also desires that we be in good health and that we prosper even as our souls prosper. Amen.

Next posting will be about the cure and not the problem. Seeking out viable alternatives that encourage and promote mental health – the inverse of mental illness. Amen.


Sincerely Jessica Mae Richardson


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