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In the matter of Mental Health. Amen.

Hello everyone. Please forgive the delay in communication. One would have thought that I had fallen off the edge of the world but we know that Columbus journey to the Americas in 1492 proved that the world is not flat. So that excuse would not suffice. In any event what has been on the horizon in speaking on topic. Mental health vs. Mental Illness. My last post was simply a video hailing the major motion picture, “A Beautiful Mind.” Amen

In that, behind the scenes, I’ve actually been up to caring for a loved with a mental illness and it is not exactly what your would call a walk in the park. More like a serious storm and enduring it I have come into the knowledge of all types of information. One of which I want to share right here in this place.

Stay tune for more on Mental Health/Mental Illness.

Coming soon, “What is a payee?”

Touching Base.
Sincerely Jessica Mae Richardson
In the matter of Mental Health. Amen.