Sunday Morning February 8, 2015

tambourines 12

Tambourine – o – Gram Power Points of Interest

Memory recall in …
– Care-giving A two-fold topic for many, in specifics The Elderly and the Mentally Ill.
– Present to date – The New Homeless – A video docudrama starring my household

Up and Coming Special Features –

In The Spotlight “50 Shades of Grey” In Sermon Format

A Revealing Look @ sex, relationships and the dark side of romance. We begin researching this topic via select and recent select articles in publication. Touch not! Taste not! You don’t want to go there but yep, it’s too late because everything is being revealed via the sacred holy text, the very Word of God. The secrets of the hearts of mankind. (insert scriptures). It already happened to me. I lift my voice as a living witness and survivor of human slavery.

Introducing, “The Blueprint of a Model Chick Runway to Redemption.” The sub theme being 50 Shades of Jessica Mae and why I have this tambourine in my hand today. So you understand there is a reason for everything. There is nothing new under the sun. A light – hearted and warm anti-dote about praise and the Holy Ghost. I mean the part about how I now professionally play the tambourine. The Fifty Shades of Grey/ The Blueprint of a Model Chick copyright- now that is a entire horse of a different color.

Seeking Employment in either a network, radio station or ad agency. Please review my petition of potential.

Thanking you in advance.

Now in development.
Sincerely Jessica #Ladytambourine
Professional Broadcaster/Freelance Reporter
On Location The Vineyard Columbus – Westerville Ohio


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