My journey through homelessness – An up close and personal accounting

Hello. I am reporting from the battlefield i.e. the wilderness of homelessness. But all is not loss because I have great hope. I am posting this video to share what is happening behind the scenes of I mentioned in my previous post; With everything that is transpiring at the speed of light in the atmosphere presently. There are people dying being persecuted on the other side of the world for simply being a representative of our nation or others that do not share their same belief system by militant terrorist groups possessed by the devil.

Here at home on U.S. soil we just witnessed something called the Grammy’s Award Show. I am just now seeing the links on YouTube of the playback and understand that President Obama gave a speech about the African American women of this generation in this Nation being violated in record rates raped of their womanhood and sensuality. I have something to say about that as well. It coincides with “Fifty Shades of Grey” and a story I wrote a few years ago that I actually lived as well. But we will tackle one topic at a time because there is so much to talk about. It is very difficult presently to stay in touch because of not being on-line inside. I wanted to watch it but I was not on line nor by a television set. They don’t provide the internet tot he residents at the “Y”. Bringing a whole new spin to the song because it not fun to stay at the YMCA. Amen.

Now this particular posting doesn’t show me at my best. But in any event, I am posting it because there is a lot to talk about as far as the plight of the homeless. My desire is to be responsible with the delivery of it because homelessness has no respect of persons. It can happen to the best of us. Of course, it could always be worst. I do have my health and my children are with me. And of course there is back story as to what exactly happened that lead my path to the doorstep of my neighborhood YMCA. Right now though more than anything, I do have my faith, hope and the vision the Lord granted to me so it is a good fight. As it is written, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” Amen.

There is definitely a lot more to come in the entire divulging of what it is like on the inside of a shelter for a family. Hopefully at the end of this report, we can bring about a greater awareness and support to those whom endure this reality. I am documenting daily as to my experience. So stay tune.

Temporarily Dislocated
Professional Broadcaster


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