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Managing Pages Palm Sunday Morning

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RIP MOM (today would have been her 72 birthday)

Today would have been my mother's birthday. She would have been 72 years of age had she lived.

Today would have been my mother’s birthday. She would have been 72 years of age had she lived.

daddy mom

daddy in front of Brentnell 1

(Abridged) Diary Entry 3-18-2015

“…Tomorrow, Lord be willing would have been my biological mother’s birthday…I pray she is resting from all her labors (in You now). My biological sister “M” called this morning to say hello. If I didn’t take the call, then I would have not known nor remembered that our mother’s birthday was coming up. I probably would have walked right through it.”

“She was a beautiful woman who God blessed to bear my she and my father’s union seven beautiful children. All of us with the exception of my eldest brother, Prince Edward are still alive and fighting the good fight of faith. I don’t know much about her other than she would bake brownies for my elder sister “M” and that she reportedly would take her to Tupperware parties.

“She also suffered horrifically from paranoid schizophrenia. Her story is like an aged fine wine at it’s peak now ripe for the times and ready to be aired…even poured out.”

I dedicate this song to her. One of my other elder sister CJ, (may God rest her soul also) told me that it was one of her favorite songs. Rest in peace mom…mommy. Amen.


Braving the Elements Weather Forecast Reporting by Jessica M. Richardson

Today presented the perfect opportunity when I awoke looking out the window of my dorm at the “Y” I was struck with inspiration. Hence, I went forward and began to build again generating and performing the weather forecast. Can’t let a lil’ spell of homelessness get me down. This may be the silver lining or one of if anything in the entire experience. Jessica M. Richardson reporting the weather forecast practicing for the day I get my big break in network reporting the weather forecast on national television news. On location in front of a historical landmark, “The Book Loft” in German Village on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. I took a few takes but this was by far the best and funniest. Check the back ground for the car pulling out of his drive way. He almost hit me.