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F Facebook! (My decision to commit social media suicide)

Okay,  it has been almost an entire day after the fact that I pulled the cord on my FACEBOOK Account. Yes, and I’m already having withdrawal symptoms flourish. Thoughts like I wonder who noticed that I’m gone? Then I’m having thoughts like being sorry. Regretful.   Missing those who were my actual friends on the F.B. Those whom I connected with in real life and even before F.B. like way back in the days of MySpace when the great defect took place. Those whom followed my quirky antics and pondered my deepest sentiments on servant-hood and knowing Jesus.  Man, this is a pretty interesting place to dwell in I feel like a spirit hovering in the cyberspace world. Thought of other alternatives that  I should explore like Instagram and even twitter. Guess this is a good time to give my Linked In page some well deserved TLC.

I still am in disbelief that I deactivated it. I kept thinking about it for reasons that are well rather sad, morose, pity party like stuff. Depression is  life that. Can take you down like quick sand. Tried to resist the temptation. I wonder though now that the deed is done in real life when someone decides to commit suicide; is this what happens on the other side after they have done it, do they also regret and try and find a way to come back and explain why?  TBC. leaving-facebook-325x222