Where on Earth is Jessica Mae Richardson?

Hello all and greetings I feel I owe you all an explanation for my M.I.A. Status. I have often said that people in communication are the worst communicators. So now you know my greatest weakness is staying in touch. Which is pretty bad. But everyday with the rising of the sun, I endeavor to resist those temptations to be a cave dweller and not say anything at all. 

It’s actually kind of funny that a few months ago I attempted social media suicide cutting off my Facebook account for a whole week. 

An experiment I would not recommend to anyone. It was truly a challenging task to shut out all the voices in my stream and not want to connect with them so I basically ended up resurrecting in a period of one week, if I recall correctly. 

I really was going through some darkness. For whatever reason I was wrestling with feelings of worthlessness and morose sadness. Which rendered me weak in any kind of productivity. 

So there, I’m confessing right here what on Earth I was suffering. And for those of you who missed me or even wondered, “Hey, where on Earth is Jessica Mae Richardson?”

Thank God, I’m not dead but I am still here pressing in and learning to gallop forth. Things that you already know about me is that I’m a devout Jesus Girl deep down and daddy’s girl who revels in the memory of once upon a time being my biological father’s primary caregiver.

And somehow emerged as a fledgling broadcaster trying to make her mark shaking a red tambourine in her hand and shaking it to the glory of God. 

Well, I’m gonna curb this post for now and I promise from here on out, I won’t be a stranger. Or at least, I will endeavor to resist the very temptation of fading or drifting away in the Name of Jesus, Amen.


Jessica Mae Richardson

In the power of His resurrection 




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