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How to care for a loved one with a mental illness. Amen.

On the topic of mental health and the mind. Something that I have been trying to birth out for some time the subject matter mental illness mental health the mind the mind the mind . The final frontier of the medical community. Why all the hype something must be on the horizon say for the next 10 years. The amount of time Obama Administration allotted a certain initiative called the Brain Initiative, a bold new research effort to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind and uncover new ways to treat, prevent, and cure brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury. to find out what makes people tick. (More on this subject; the success of this endeavor in up and coming posts). http://youtu.be/8QLDKlpdtek

Well, so you don’t think I am completely out of mine, as promised and reviewing a few past posts, I said I was going to post some things to help all those out there that may have an interest the same as I what mental illnesses are and where they can stem from as well as how to care for loved ones suffering from such a plight.

Beginning with depression it seems to be the most acceptable kind of mental illness to have these days without being completely out-casted amongst the ruins or buoyed into outer space more like outer darkness. The stigmatism unfortunately is heavier than the demon/condition/ disorder itself.
Trying to air the thing out and exactly what it is —

I’ve found a few antidotes to help us better ascertain it’s definition.
The first one BC (Before Christ) found in the pages of the Holy Bible the Book of Psalms refers to King David and his bout with profuse depression.
It is written, “Lord, all my desire is before Thee; And my sighing is not hidden from Thee. My heart throbs, my strength fails me; and the light of my eyes, even that has gone from me.”
Psalms 38:9-10

How he poured his complaint out in prayer before the Lord – the God of his forefathers. Selah. Scriptured in this and many other passages we witness the agony of pain in his inward man, whatever ailed him be it the pains of war or romance failed relationships fleeing from Saul the king the Lord chose David to place on the Throne to rule his people Israel. There are severe instances wherein we can see the sorrow that plagued him. Worthy of note in regard to the present and the world over is consumed it would seem in a gulf of gloom known as depression.
Another example, I swiped from the bookcase of a relative whom shall remain anonymous and if she knew I had it she would no doubt kick my butt.

“Depressions vary in intensity and in duration. Depressions may be mild, moderate, or severe. The general rule is that mild depressions, while distressing, can be overcome rather quickly. moderate and severe depressions are almost always classified as serious and should be managed with medical help.”

“The duration of a depression may be acute, recurrent, or chronic. an acute depression, no matter what the reason, comes on quickly and may endure only a week, or as long as four months. It can clear up spontaneously without treatment. A recurrent depression is an acute episode that reappears at different intervals with normal periods (called remissions) in between. A chronic depression arises more gradually and lingers for an indefinite time, even-up to two or more years, with ultimate remission.”

“The relates, “My bouts with depression seemed to have been graduating from the mild to the moderate and now to the severe. For nearly four years I had been experiencing depression in all forms. For four years I had been clinging to the slippery sides of that deep, black hole; sometimes falling, then recovering until finally I could hold on no longer. I had plummeted into the deepest recesess of that impenetrable darkness.”

“But even as the darkness lingered and deepened, there was now one faint glimmer of light flipped on by a wise and gentle counselor whose name has long since been forgotten.

“You’ll get better– it may take time, but you’ll get better.””

The above paragraphs beginning at line in, “Depressions…” a book excerpt within a book excerpt captured from a man named Dr. Leonard Crammer whom writes about the types of depression in his book, “Up from Depression.” Copyright 1969 Simon and Schuster, pg. 25.

Then line in …“My bouts with depression...” captured from the book, ” Depression Finding Hope & Meaning in Life’s Darkest Shadow by Don Baker and Emery Nester

What we are getting at…

The definition I was seeking and I believe the author captures it in it’s rawest and most honest form. He writes, “For four years I had been clinging to the slippery sides of that deep, black hole; sometimes falling, then recovering until finally I could hold on no longer. I had plummeted into the deepest recesess of that impenetrable darkness.”

Then of course the variations or degrees of such. But I believe he hit it dead on like King David in the Psalms. A pit like experience clinging to sometime falling then recovering. We will touch on the recovering as well but the experience to slip into nothing at all like an eternal pit of nothingness. Dare I say bottomless. Well, I had to go there you are reading the blog of woman whom believes in eternity and claims Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.
Not preaching but making a point on depression the clinical term as discussed. Three examples and then to share my own experience in caring for loved one with whom suffers from a mental illness depression included. It’s all in there.

Today I saw her. She was weary and disorientated, a bit discouraged. She stays in the shelter presently and we are diligently seeking a new apartment for her. As a result for not showing up for her annual appointment, unfortunately she lost her Section 8 voucher earlier this year. A Section 8 is a federal rent assistance program, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Section 8 is the federal government’s largest program to help low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities pay for safe, decent housing. http://www.massresources.org/section8-description.html

I am not at liberty to say why but I can tell you it was because of the condition; the mental illness; the nervous breakdown that occurred because the mental illness. Mental illnesses are like this. They are not kind. It does not announce itself when it is coming. Like a thief in the night, it does not announce itself when it is coming. But when it comes, you know that you have been interrupted and robbed of any and all peace of mind that one that they had. If they could identify it. In any event, she told me today she felt sad. That these feelings she had would not leave her alone would not go away. She talked about guilt and condemnation. I begged her to stay with me at my school. She said she needed a cigarette so I told her that if I could find a person with a cigarette on campus would she stay? She agreed after some coaxing.

That’s the thing about people suffering from mental illnesses. It’s as if you are pleading with them to believe they are worthy of life. They can look you straight in the eyes and say okay and then within a split instance can change their minds again. Not be convinced or completely be sold out to the idea that they have to dwell in a state of sadness, of gloom of despair. There is no unchaining them from the fence. It is something one must not attempt to do all in their own strength. Speaking form experience what ever it is that possesses them that is speaking to them inside their minds is telling them a lie and it is a destructive force played out in their mannerisms and behaviors. It is like they are in jail and you want so bad to tell them that they are free. That the door is opened and they can just walk out into the land of the living. But they for something reason can’t receive it. They resign to believe something else.

They can not understand the concept of forgiveness. My loved one told me that she couldn’t get away from these feelings. I was pleading with her that she did not. This thing here is so deep that it reaches into the dynamics of the soul. Most likely deserves several fleshing out to get to the root of her depression. So something has to be done to release this pain inside. I mentioned to her that I will help her with counseling sessions. That I will go to them with her. She agreed. But I pray she goes through with it. Again, as I already said, she can agree one moment and then disagree in the next. Worthy topic for a continued follow up in sub-theme topic, “Caring for loved one with a mental illness.”

This link goes to a site on an organization that helps caregivers in this particular circumstance. http://youtu.be/wdAuBG85pR4

But I am sharing all of this to say that mental illness in the form of depression, it’s not an easy fix and really only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to talking about mental illness. Admittedly, I have suffered for years and most recently even more so since the passing of my father of whom I also was his appointed caregiver divinely elected, of course. It is not as if one just self-appoints their self. Even if it appears that way. Such occasions are deemed right up there with world calamities and Acts of God.

Care-giving in itself is an event that is life changing and to be revered with a holy reverence. (Releasing Daddy The Writings Vol. I Coming Winter 2014)

But staying on key and focus, in regard to mental illness according to clinical studies documented it happens to people. Once acknowledged and the barrier of stigmas is broken and/or penetrated, there are different types. There are therapies that can come aside and assist in the living with depression. It’s not an easy subject to tackle. Almost like a maze going around in circles trying to decipher when to stop talking about it. It is almost like it is a spirit that wants attention; to be worshipped; so it attacks the certain areas of the mind in the brain and nervous system demanding to be adored. Paid attention to.

On that note, herein is a list of some reference materials and help resources that perhaps could prove helpful to persons enduring such a …circumstance.

A list of books I found in the local library are listed here.

1. The Everything Health Guide To Schizophrenia – the latest information on treatment, medication and coping strategies. By Dean A. Haycock, PHD with Technical Review by Elias K. Shaya, MD.
2. Circles Around The Sun in Search of a Lost Brother By Molly McCloskey
3. A Balanced Life – 9 Strategies for Coping with the Mental Health Problems of a Loved One by Tom Smith
4. Midnight, Jesus and Me – Misfits memoirs of a Full Gospel, rock and Roll ate night Suicide Crisis Psychotherapist by J.M. Blaine
5. Loving Someone with Bi-Polar Disorder By Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston, PsD.

I took it because I too was suffering and still have my bouts. Another reason I am determined to find this thing out so it is not for nothing. Check the back story which I am channeling with all my heart mind soul and spirit. This thing is four fold has blood on it even. My mom she suffered bad and my father well, he suffered too because he was her lawful husband and loved her with a firey passion that resulted in her having seven children for him. But in the end, well…I’m working this thing out in a documentary, I’ve decided to call it, “Can anything good come out of 835 Ann Street?” Stay tune for it’s release but seriously.

In closing for now, if there can be any solace any comfort any care at all, we turn the focus off ourselves and look at the broader picture. Grasping the universal truth that no man is an island unto theirselves. That there is nothing new under the sun and if we are blessed enough to acquience the belief that to much is given much is required. The reals of the mind when it comes to mental illnesses namely depression our entry point for what we have begun to search out. Let us bow our heads in humility in the searching and hold fast to what we have been given.

It is estimated that over …..are affected by some sort of mental illness. With that number there are countless people everyday that choose to be survivors even more than conquerors of the so-called shame and stigmatisms associated with the term. But like I had the thought the other day, like cancer mental illness people whom suffer from mental illnesses are just like people whom suffer with cancer. They didn’t ask to get cancer but you wouldn’t penalize a person for having cancer would you? So why on earth the different treatment for people whom suffer with a mental affliction?

Just another perspective….

Next up…when I think about my depression thoughts come to my mind like, Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues when she is inside the rubber room and Billie Dee Williams is giving her the ring of marriage. I want to play this part amongst other crazy in love character.


How to care for a loved one with a mental illness.(Amen).